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Our elementary grades will include the addition of a third grade for the 2019-2020 school year. In third grade, students experience new leadership opportunities while continuing to build on the essential academic skills, social foundations, and development of artistic expression that they have gained in the previous grades.

Educators emphasize the importance of reflection and knowing oneself as a learner and as a unique individual. Our teachers provide students with ample opportunities and methods for reflection, such as journaling, mindfulness practices, and collaboration with peers.

A transdisciplinary curriculum, combined with a variety of instructional delivery methods and dedication to knowing each child, prepares our students to be successful life-long learners.


In the language arts block, students develop a strong voice as authors, write in both print and cursive, and participate in rich novel and text studies. We believe that in order to develop a voice as authors, our students must read the writing of many different authors throughout the world. This promotes perspective taking, which is a crucial social skill in the 21st century. Our students participate in units such as World Historical Text Comparison and Authentic Cultural Voices for Civic Science. In our language arts block our students also study and write poetry, compose personal narratives and opinion essays, and study grammar conventions and diagram sentences.



In math, students engage in increasingly complex subject matter. Our third grade students learn about algebraic thinking, geometry, metric and standard measurement, fractions, division, and vertical multiplication. We do not, however, teach these as isolated skills. Instead, our students build on their learning by completing cumulative projects to demonstrate mastery, such as building a replica scale home.

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The third grade science curriculum overlaps the physical, biological, and ecological sciences. By studying traditional farming and gardening through the seasons, students are immersed in exploratory, relevant learning experiences. Additionally, students grow in their understanding of where they are in the world by exploring space, human timelines, and the evolution of dwellings.

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Along with weekly fine arts, performing arts, and music ensemble classes , our teachers introduce students to playing string instruments as a wonderful way to overlap advanced math and music into our curriculum.

third grade blocks

World Historical Text Comparison - Language Arts 1

(3 Weeks)

Place Value and Regrouping - Math 1

(3 Weeks)

Where We are in the Universe - Science 1

(3 Weeks)

Clothing & Shelter in Cultural Stories - Language Arts 2

(2 Weeks)

Agricultural/ Agrarian NonHuman Shelter (Field & Prairie)- Science 2

(2 Weeks)

Human Shelter & Home Building

(Summative Project ongoing- 10 weeks)

Measurement and Division- Math 2

(3 Weeks)

Authentic Cultural Voices for Civic Science- Language Arts 3

(4 Weeks)

Human Development (Cell Function and Health)- Science 2

(2 Weeks)

Creative Literature (Non Fiction Literary Characters) - Language Arts 4

(3 Weeks)

Science Human Development (Heredity and DNA)- Science 3

(3 Weeks)